Labos 1point5 is an international, cross-disciplinary collective of academic researchers who share a common goal:
to better understand and reduce the environmental impact of research, especially on the Earth’s climate.

Enquête nationale

Le collectif vient de lancer une enquête nationale par questionnaire intitulée « Les personnels de la recherche face au changement climatique » auprès d'un échantillon tiré au sort. Si vous avez reçu une invitation à y répondre pointant vers https://www.enquetes.mate-shs.cnrs.fr, il s'agit bien d'un message du collectif. Merci pour votre participation !

Our goals

To better understand and reduce the environmental impact of our research activities.

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  • Newsletter #4

    To all,

    we sincerely hope that you are all doing well and endure this crisis in the best possible way. The past few weeks have been an opportunity for many to confront the reality of the world and to propose new lines of thought to overcome the crisis and what lies ahead.

    We hope to be able to spur and fuel these debates.
    Content :

    On the frontpage

    On March 16th, the “Technical Support” and “Carbon Footprint” teams presented the advancement of the tool designed to calculate the carbon footprint of laboratories (as well as the necessary data collection) to the representatives of 9 laboratories willing to beta-test it.

    The online tool is almost ready. Here are the features that have been developed:

    • the general architecture is set;
    • the lab, building and vehicle data entry forms are ready;
    • the form for the questionnaire concerning commute practices is ready;
    • the emission factor database is up-to-date and loaded into the tool;
    • almost all the GHG emissions calculations have been checked and validated by the team;
    • the regulatory GHG balance table and carbon footprint calculation are working;

    There still remains to finalize the module concerning the mission-related travel as well as the authentication and user account management, write the methodology, documentation and help-sheets, organize the data storage and management, deal with the multi-year monitoring and finally get the servers up and running.
    The meeting has also allowed to answer some questions asked by the test labs and especially the issue of data access… During the lockdown, it will be possible to test the tool even if the data is only partial, especially regarding the commute practices (that are strongly altered).
    Obviously, the GHG assessment initiave requires a minimal support from the lab director and other lab members. As far as data access is concerned the approval of the director is mandatory.

    As a consequence, before initiating any data collection, we recommend discussing with the lab director regarding the utility of the GHG assessment and organizing an information meeting for all lab members in his/her presence. read more

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